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Royal Worcester "Grandmothers Dress" Figure

In the 1930s, Royal Worcester was facing real difficulties, when they were joined by two new designers: Freda and Dorothy Doughty. The two sisters faced criticism from many quarters for staying with traditional designs, rejecting the avant garde approach being taken by many other companies. But the public loved their designs, and the sales of what they produced rescued the company. Dorothy Doughty died in 1962, and Freda 10 years later in 1972.

This design was one of their earlier ones for Royal Worcester. It was first issued in 1935, and it was so popular that it remained in production right up to 1985. It was produced mainly in 3 colours. Most common is the girl wearing a dress of deep red burgundy colour. There is also a version with the dress in yellow. Least common, based on my researches, is this lustrous green colour.

The figure is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks.

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Year: Unknown
Dimensions: 16.5 cm high
Condition: Excellent