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Nikko Blue Oriental Dinner Plate

The company of Nihon Koshitsu Toki was started in Kanazawa in 1908 by the local Maeda feudal lords. The name was later shortened to Nikko as a combination of the first two parts of the original name.

Nikko has become well known as a producer of the highest quality ironstone ware. Not as fine as porcelain, it does not have the transucent character of porcelain, but instead has a more solid white aspect, almost milky in shade. the Nikko product differs from most of the European ironstone manufacturers in have somewhat better decoration than most, with a fair amount of gold trim worked in with the blue and white.

This pattern is known as Blue Oriental, and is one of Nikko's best known.

The dinner plate is in perfect condition.

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Price: € 15.00
Brand: Nikko
Weight: 650
Stock: 1
Dimensions: 26.5cm
Condition: Excellent