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Hutschenreuther Mother and Child Plate

Ole Winther was born in 1926. He is well recognised as an artist, and has exhibited worldwide. He has been working as a designer with Hutschenreuther since 1978, and his idiosyncratic style has become well known.

The plate is designed on the theme of "Mother and Child". Winther is a poet as well as an artist, and that shows through in the tenderness that is clear in his depiction of the mother and child.


The plate was made by Hutschenreuther in 1985, and is in excellent condition. Production was limited to 1985, and it has not been made since.

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Price: € 20.00
Brand: Hutschen reuther
Weight: 170
Stock: 1
Year: 1985
Dimensions: 14cm x 14cm
Condition: Excellent