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Heinrich Fairies Plate

Cicely Mary Barker was an artist born in England in 1885. She became famous as an artist and illustrator, and is best known for her depictions of fairies. Her first book of pictures with accompanying verses, Flower Fairies of the Spring, was published in 1923. It was a time of public interest in the subject and the book was a success. She followed it with similar volumes for Summer, and Autumn, as well as Flower Fairies of the Trees, Flower Fairies of the Wayside, and similar books. After her sister's death in 1954, she became much less productive of artworks. In 1960, her health began to deteriorate, and she died in 1973.

Barker's artwork was used by Heinrich in several plates, and the title to this series is Blumen Maerchen, or Flower Fairy Tales.

This particular plate is titled Schleifenblumen Maerchen, and it is the third in this series. It is a limited edition, and this one is numbered 5688F. There is no Bradex number.

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Brand: Heinrich - Villeroy & Boch
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Dimensions: 20cm
Condition: Excellent