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Goebel Botanical Plate 1990

The Extrakt Chemie company was set up in 1969 by Bruno Stellmach, and is based at Blyinghausen near Hanover. Their business is the production of chemical compounds by extraction from plants, and their main customers are the food and pharmaceutical industries.

For many years, Extract Ghemie commissioned an annual plate (jahresteller) from the Goebel company, to be used for promotional purposes. It was appropriate that each year the plate should feature a plant which produces a chemical of value to science.

The 1990 plate featured Panax ginseng. Ginseng is the general name given to various species of the genus Panax. They are most commonly found in Korea, parts of China and Eastern Siberia. Traditional medicinal uses of the plant include as a stimulant, an adaptogen, treatment of type II diabetes, and as an aphrodisiac. More modern research simply classes it as an excellent dietary supplement.

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Price: € 25.00
Brand: Goebel
Weight: 545
Stock: 1
Year: 1990
Dimensions: 21cm
Condition: Excellent