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1934 Irish Florin (2 Shillings)

The first coins issued by the modern Irish state were in 1928. The coins were designed by Percy Metcalfe, and featured animals commonly found in Ireland. The florin (2 shilling) coin featured the salmon.

Irish silver coins were made initially from 75% silver, and this continued up until 1943. The decision was taken to change to cupro-nickel, and the last minted coins were returned to the mint for melting. Only a handful of 1943 florings escaped and are especially valuable.

The first cupro-nickel florins were issued in 1951, and issue in this metal continued up until 1967, after which the coinage system changed to decimal.

I have not assigned a grade to the coins here, since grading is often subjective, but instead I have provided the best photos that I can, and you can see the coins for yourself. What you buy is what you see!

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