Shop Policies


All precies are in Euros. That is a standard currency in Europe. If you are looking at this site from outside the Eurozone, please consider the prices in your local currency before buying.

My prices are intended to cover the costs of the items I sell, and the overheads of running this site. I believe they are reasonable, but you may choose to disagree. If you see something you like, and you disagree with the price, then I suggest you contact me. However, if you just tell me the price is too high, do not wait for a reply; you won't get one. If you make me a reasonable offer, I am open to negotiation. However, as I have just said, to cover my own costs, scope for negotiation is limited, as I do have to cover my own costs. So no reply to an offer means I don't think it is reasonable.




This site will allow two standard methods of payment:

  • Bank transfer,
  • PayPal

If you are not able to use one of these, but want to arrange another method of payment, please contact me.




Shipping is always problematic. As a buyer on Ebay, I often felt I was paying too much for shipping. As a seller on Ebay, I sometimes lost money on an item because I didn't charge enough for shipping. So it is never easy.

I did not set up this website to profit from shipping and postage, so I try to keep costs down. However, there are some things that I will nto compromise on. I use good materials to make sure that the items you buy are well protected in transit. And those materials are not cheap. At the same time, I am fortunate to live in a place where I can get national postage rates in three countries: Switzerland, Germany and France. So taking all of that together, I have the following postage rates for the goods on sale through this website:




Switzerland, Germany, France

Rest of Europe

Rest of World

0 to 2kg




2kg to 5kg




5kg to 10kg





For ceramic items, when you go to the check-out, the system will calculate the total weight and advise postage costs.


For stamps and coins, it is different. They are not breakable, they are flat, and they are easier to pack, so I have worked out a different system to calculate postage as follows:



Switzerland, France and Germany

Rest of Europe

Rest of world

1 to 3 items

€ 2.50

€ 4.25

€ 5.50

4 to 9 items

€ 4.25

€ 8.00

€ 9.00

10 to 30 items

€ 10.00

€ 15.00

€ 18.00


Alternatively, if you want to make arrangements other than postage, please contact me in advance. I am always open to suggestions, and as I said, I know it is a difficult subject.

Also, please note that items purchased and payment confirmed up to Wednesday evening in any week will be psoted on the Saturday of that week. If bought after Wednesday evening, or if it takes longer to confirm the payment, it will be Saturday of the following week when they are posted. Any exceptions to this arrangement will be notified to the buyer.




Please note that I will take all reasonable precautions to make sure that items reach you in good condition and without damage. Nevertheless, we all know that things happen, and even the best systems can occasionally fail. Therefore, I require that you take out insurance on orders of €100 or more to avoid disappointment.

Insurance on orders below €100 is optional.

In all cases, the cost of insurance on the item will be 10% of the postage cost.




It is my policy that what I sell should be exactly as I describe it here on the website. If I see flaws in any item, I will include them in the description. However, it is possible that a flaw will escape my scrutiny, so if you buy something and it has a flaw that I have missed, I will happily refund all costs and accept return of the item.

Almost everything I sell is pre-owned and will have some normal wear and tear based on that previous ownership. If you find that the condition of the item is worse than might be expected on that basis, then I will happily accept return of the item and will refund associated costs.

I will take all reasonable measures to make sure that items are well packed and arrive safely, but in the event that there is damage in transit, and the item arrives broken, please send me a photo of the damage before arranging to return the item. I will then advise whether to return the goods or not.

All returns should be notified to the site within 7 days of receipt. Simply use the "Contact Us" tab to notify me of the problem, and I will advise you regarding postage, etc.. Once I have received the returned item, I will send you an email and repay your costs.

Since the maximum time for items sold to reach a customer is about 4 weeks, i will therefore not accept returns after 5 weeks unless there is an exceptional justification.

Customer satisfaction is important to me. Therefore I will welcome any comments or other feedback through the "Contact US" tab on this site. It will help me to improve my service.